Handy All-in-One

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Handy All-in-One
The ultimate minimalist and portable charging cable

Tired of carrying multiple cables everywhere with you?

That's why we created the Handy All-in-One with a Micro-USB, iPhone and USB female & male connectors.

Smart and Convenient

Handy All-in-One may be the only keychain you'll ever need. It supports charging your devices over Micro-USB, lightning or a USB port. It also has USB OTG for supported devices.

Faster Charging

Thanks to wide diameter wires and reduced cord resistance, Handy All-in-One enables the fastest possible charge speed via any USB charger.


Due to the unique keychain design of the Handy All-in-One, it can be carried anywhere hassle-free.

Unmatched Warranty

Every Handy All-in-One is covered by a 1-year warranty. If Handy All-in-One stops working from normal wear and tear, we'll replace it.